How to Recover from Smoking Relapse and Quit Smoking?

People are getting serious about quitting smoking and they are also making serious efforts in that direction, but sometimes their efforts are not enough to make them quit their addiction completely. These people have a relapse and they start smoking again because they think that as they have smoked again, all the efforts were wasted. This negative thinking may make them lose hope and they may stop the efforts of quitting the smoking.Therefore, it is necessary to make them understand that relapsing does not mean that they can never quit smoking, but it is just a small hurdle in the struggle to achieve the goal of quitting smoking.

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Tips for recovery from relapse

  • One relapse does not mean that you should stop trying to quit smoking. You should start listing the reasons for quitting smoking which will make you realize the danger you are putting yourself and your family in and it will motivate you to quit smoking.
  • Make sure that you have strong supporters and motivators with your family and friends who will support you in your battle against smoking and motivate you to work hard to achieve your goal.
  • Work towards your goal at just one day at a time. This will help you realize the steps which you’re taking towards your goal every day when you don’t smoke.
  • Avoid the situations and people which trigger your cravings for smoking and chances of your relapse are high. When you remove yourself from such situations, you will be able to stay away from cigarettes.
  • Make sure that you are continuing the medicines or nicotine replacement therapy as they are quite useful in quitting smoking.
  • You also have to accept that you may slip up sometimes but you have to stay strong and keep working towards your goal with complete sincerity.
  • After recovering from a relapse set a new target date and double your concentration and efforts so that you will be motivated to work harder and achieve the target before the set date.
  • You can also take help from organizations which help people quit their addictions. As these organizations and their volunteers are used to these situations, they will be able to give you better advice.
  • It is very important that you should not give up on your target of quitting smoking. You have to be firm that whatever happens, you will definitely quit smoking.

Your commitment towards your aim is the most important thing while you are recovering from a relapse. One slip up does not mean that you should just drop the idea of quitting smoking. You have to remain positive and be in the company of positive and supportive people who will encourage you and motivate you to complete what you started. You can use this relapse as a learning step and learn about the triggers from that relapse. This will help you stay away from such triggers in future so that there is no possibility of relapse again. Believing yourself and your strength to achieve your target is important because only you can quit the addiction, no one else can do it for you.